Monday, June 01, 2015

Hello World!!! Again!!!

So my last post for this blog was in February 2008. That is like 7.5 years or so ago. As you can guess very well, life has changed a lot between then and now. In a positive way obviously. It is not about us (F and myself) anymore. Our life mainly revolves around Lamiya and Aamena now. Lamiya is 7 years old and Aamena will be 4 in September In shaa Allah.

They are both proper madams. Abiding the rules of world they are Daddy's (Baba's) princesses. You can safely say they have me wrapped around their fingers :-) We are in process of moving houses so too much happening, so many legal documents to be sorted for solicitors to get the contracts ready. Also, we are planning to go to India for Eid this year, wifey and kids will stay there longer and I will be doing the house move. They hope, I will get everything sorted so that they land directly in the new house, yeah right!

I will try and keep this going, I promise. 

More laters!!!!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Rukhsati was on 16th April 2005. Whole day passed in running around for last minute preparations for setting the stage, getting the car decorated, ordering cake, getting clothes ironed and ready, etc etc. Around 4pm Fatee went to the parlour with her best friend, I went to get the car done with her cousin. Everything was ready by around 7pm. We headed back to the venue together and everyone was pleasently shocked to see Fatee looking so beautiful.

She looked different, in a good way ofcourse. The dress was simple yet gorgeous, her eyes looked deep and full of love and excitement. She smelled divine. Even after almost three years, I still feel like it all happened yesterday.

Programs started by exchanging gifts between our families. Then the most boring part of all, pictures with everyone. Some people wanted it alone with us, some with friends, some with family, some in all, some wanted to stand here, some there, argh!!!!!

Food was served, and for an hour or so we were free, because everyone was busy eating and some guests forced us to eat from their plates *smack* Be it India or Pakistan, some things are still the same :-)

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After a long long time...

My oh my! Its been more than a year since I last updated Makhsuus. So many regular readers complained about my not updating this blog regularly but now even they have stopped complaining. I am sorry my dear friends. It was a mad year 2007. You will see, I mean read about it in this blog.

Okie so I will start from where I left it.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Day after Mayoon was Mehendi. The venue was lawn of her friends house. It was huge and beautiful. All arrangements were done in the morning except music. One of her friend was suppose to bring over his band and had done rehearsals for all the songs he was going to sing.

There was a photo session in the living room of the house where the function was. As soon we were done with the photo session and we came out to be on stage, we noticed there was no music no band nothing. We tried calling the person who was supposed to arrange the music but couldnt get through. Alhamdolillah, the camera man arranged for the music at a very short notice and everyone started enjoying the live DJ thingee.

Function started with exchaning gifts between our families and then gifts for me and more gifts and more gifts and then more gifts.

Since there were very few members from my family, half of Fatee's family became my side of team and remaining half of her side, then the music competetion started and it was soooooo much fun.

Then there was one rasm of Fatee's sister putting mehendi on my hand in lieu of money... normally it is like few hundred rupees but I was fleeced because had to pay in GBPs :-(

There was a dancing hour as well which started with her friends dancing on songs they had prepared and ended up with her couple of cousin brothers dancing on tune of Dhoom Macha De... and almost same steps *smack* It was fun to watch though.

Later dinner was served and the program finished at around 1am. It was too tiring to be on stage and smiling all the time. Atleast it was good it was in Pakistan, in India you have to get up for every guest and then have to touch feet of all the elder hindu guests as well.

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Friday, November 17, 2006


Mayoon, this was the function my family and I were going to attend for the first time. We didnt know what Mayoon actually was. Fatee explained me that her friends get her a yellow dress and all the accessories to go with that dress. In Fatee's case, her friend A. arranged everything. Then everyone from the family and friends came one by one to us, applied ubtan on our face, chameli oil in our hair and also mehendi on hands. But since she had already applied mehendi on hands, we used paan ka leaf and five rupee note for mehendi. Also, they were supposed to give a bit of sweet and do the circle thingee of the money on our heads and give it as sadqa.

It was fun, but everyone insisted we had to eat the whole piece of sweet rather than just a bit. I was full after 4-5 rounds but we had to undergo atleast 25 rounds. I guess you can imagine my situtation.

While we were going through this eating and ubtan-mehendi-oil routine, everyone else was busy with dholki, singing and dancing. It was a wonderful scenario, everyone was having fun, everyone was taking part, everyone was wishing us good luck for our future. I am sure its their blessings that we are having such a wonderful life, MashaAllah.

By the time we had gone through 10-15 rounds of the rasm, we started looking someone different already :-)

We had a photo session with everyone in the family. We had to pose with them individually, in pairs, with family, with friends, uffff so many pictures. They made us feel like some celeberaties, I knew this would last just a couple more days after that same old life. Sigh.

Everyone was very considerate while applying ubtan-mehendi-oil thingee untill Maryam, Fatee's sisters best friend, came to apply the stuff. She used all the mehendi available, all the ubtan left and all the oil and applied everything on us. We were looking like ghosts *smack* We had to go and wash everything off after that. It was good coz that stopped the process all together and I was spared from eating those mithais again. Alhamdolillah.

After everyone was tired of all the singing and dancing, dinner was served. I can still remember the taste of cheese ball thingees *yummy*

I want to re-marry.

Fatee ofcourse, for all the fun :-)

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Sunday, October 08, 2006


We got a call from India that my family is leaving early in the morning for Pakistan. They were supposed to reach Lahore in the afternoon. We were expecting a call from them in the afternoon so that we could arrange for someone to pick them up from Lahore and bring them over to Pindi. We didnt receive any call from them till 7pm. Ammi was getting worried about them. I was cool. I knew my younger brother was with them so they wouldnt end up in any trouble.

Finally at around 9pm we received a call from my brother saying they have already reached Pindi and are waiting for us to pick them up. We all went to pick them up. Half of them arrived by one bus, remaining arrived on next one. The first group that arrived didnt have the phone numbers hence the confusion. We thought all is well that ends well. Finally they were here for the shaadi and on time. They were all welcomed with flowers and gifts. Then late night they were served with wonderful food.

Next day was our Mayoon function. I was looking forward to it. We dont have this function in Indian shaadis.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kaatha Rasm...

So after Mahurat I went out with her cousin to Islamabad for some more shopping and roaming around. I was loving every bit of it. The greenery, well planned roads, proper shopping places, etc etc. We went to his shop which was cooooool huge and I was amazed to see atleast 200 different types of cheeses there. Then we went to pick my shaadi clothes up, after a trial I was thankful to Allah that everything was going perfectly well. My family was supposed to arrive the next day.

Next day was Kaata kutne ki rasm. Hmmm so about this rasm, four women sit on four corners of a square cloth with that pastel thingee. Two women from Fatee's mom side and two from her dad's side. They crush big chunks of kattha (catechu) pieces with jasmine oil and milk to make a paste. It is said that the sound of crushing the catechu keeps away the devil during whole of the shaadi process and everything goes on smooth. The paste is then applied to everyone's face, just a finger touch.

Gifts were given to everyone by Fatee's mom. Then... you guessed it right, food and more food. I was loving this food part a lot :-)

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So we were woken up early in the morning as everyone was getting ready for the Mahurat rasm.

Hmmm let me give you an idea about this rasm. A coconut, some supari (beetlenuts), whole termeric, misri (crystal sugar) and some other stuff is tied in the centre of a red linen cloth and it is tied on all the four sides above the enterance of the house where shaadi is taking place. The young girls of the house ties the knots. In our case it was done by Fatee's aapa's daughters. This marks start of the shaadi ceremonies and keeps evils away from the house.

With every function during shaadi there has to be some food/drinks to be served so there it was. Food and drinks were served for everyone present.

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Early to bed...

I was feeling a bit tired in the evening and I thought I would go to sleep early. All the family members went to their places. Fatee, her sister and I went to Fatee's room (which was now my room) to talk before I go to sleep. At around 3am Fatee went to sleep, her sister and I kept talking. At around 5:30am, ammi woke up for fajr and was surprised to see we two still talking :-D she asked her to go to sleep immediately and I was ordered to sleep as we had to go to Islamabad to buy my shaadi clothes.

So I went to bed early, early in the morning that is :-)

Woke up around 11am, we then went to Islamabad with her and her cousin. I liked the look and feel of Isb. We went to around 10 different shops but could not find anything remotely good. I was tensed for the first time about my clothes. But luckily I found a place and got the thing I really wanted. The kurta was a bit too big, but the shopkeeper assured me that it will be made to my size next day. So one load off the mind. We went out and had some tikkas and kebabs *yummy*

Next day was Mahurat.

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Meeting the family...

As soon as we reached home, we had tea and snacks and immediately we left to her friends place. She was going to bring the letter from the internal affair ministry. This letter was for my family's visa approval. We were still not sure if she already had the letter. We needed the letter at all cost otherwise my family would have missed a few shaadi functions.

She gave the good news that the letter was with her and we immediately faxed it to Delhi where my family was waiting for it. They applied for the visa same day and got it. They were lucky enough to get seats to travel to Pak as well. Alhamdollilah. Now when we think about it, everything was so last minute.

When we came back, her cousins were already at home waiting for us. I had talked to all of them on chats/webcams but this was the first time I was meeting them. It was good. I liked them all. Then came phoopis and phoopas, khalus and khalas, chachis and chachas, mamis and mamos, other cousins and their wives, it was too confusing to remember who was who but it was a very very very warm welcome from each and everyone of them.

I was loving the attention I was getting :-D

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